Saturday, March 29, 2008

I might need to powder my face . . .

I just finished Exodus. It is amazing how God can send plagues, hold back armies and then crush them by closing the parted sea; how God spoke to Moses and the people knew it and still, they melted their gold and let Moses' brother, Aaron, make it into a golden calf for them to worship and offer burnt offerings to. Aaron lied and said that the gold was melted and the calf came forth. Silly self. But how many times have we told a half-truth because we knew we messed up? They did all this because Moses went up on Mt. Sinai to get instructions from God during a 40 day fast of no food or water. When he returned to this mess, he broke the tablets because he dropped them in anger at the people. He had to go back and get them again. Do you know that his face was so shiny after being in God's presence that the people of israel were scared and he ended up having to wear a veil, except before God?