Friday, November 6, 2009

The eyes of God are in every place

My family and I were watching a program called "It's Supernatural!" the other night. It's a program about people and their experiences with the Lord and how He touched them and changed their lives. Well, all of sudden my THREE YEAR OLD son gets up and goes to his toy box and pulls out three letters. This is what he spelled on the floor.This is just another example of the One and Only True God. I find this amazing because I haven't taught my son to spell words and yet, he pulls these 3 letters out, carefully arranges them on the floor and then goes to sit back down as if to say . . .,"My work is done."
But check this out! My husband says,"What does that say?" and my son says,"It says, 'Do not be afraid of the car.'"
Why is this significant?
Because the program just showed a reenactment of a woman who was in a car crash and she went looking for her son who was on the other side of the road and as she was panicking over him, another car swerved off the road to avoid the crash site. The car went straight for her and instantly the peace of God fell upon her and stopped the car in front of her.
Now, my son did not know he spelled God, but he said he knew what it meant. Amazing.


The Praise & Worship Connection said...


Praise God for the revelation given to your son to be able to spell the word - GOD! This is an anointed act and I believe both your husband and yourself must have been consistently imparting the truth to him.

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Sanctified Together said...

That is amazing! BTW, I love your blog design!