Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the Psalmosphere

I'm half-way through Psalms. I really like Psalms now more than I ever did because I can connect why David wrote the things he did. Good Stuff. I recognize a few songs too. Praise the Lord. He is greatly to be praised. Psalms is great when you know the Word but it is also good if you want to connect with the hearts of the people who were crying out to God.
Praise the Lord

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dancing David's Disciplined Deeds

Now David repented (turned from his ways)and asked for forgiveness. David's son Solomon (from Bathsheeba, yeah, they had another boy. God blessed them.) ended up being king as a child and he was loved by the Lord. He asked for and recieved wisdom early and he ended up being the wisest man ever (1KINGS3 and also 4:29)). Matter of fact, if you didn't know, he wrote PROVERBS. So, take heed to those words cuz he was anointed with the wisdom of God.