Sunday, May 4, 2008

Joshua "Oh My Goshua!"

JOSHUA was the deliverer who was raised up after Moses. Moses laid hands on Joshua and he was filled with the spirit of wisdom. God helped him to conquer 31 kings when he went into the promise land. In one of the stories, Joshua did as God told him to stretch out his spear towards the city of Ai. So, Israel began to ambush the city and utterly destroyed it because Joshua had done what God told him to do which was to stretch out his spear. He did not draw back his hand until they were all destroyed. What an awesome story to reflect upon in a battle: listen to God, point your spear in the direction that he has told you to go, and stay focused till the battle is won.

The Lord also stopped time for Joshua when the Amorites were given into their hands. He said in front of Israel for the sun to stand still. The sun did not go down for a whole day. This had never happened before nor will again.(Joshua 10:12-15)

Under Joshua's leadership, the children of Israel were obedient. Joshua gave to Israel all the land the God swore to their fathers and they took possession and dwelt in it.