Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dude, you're on me! Dueteronomy

DUETERONOMY revealed the blessings that will come upon you from the Lord if you are obedient to the Lord but it also reveals the cursings that will surely come upon you from the Lord if you are disobedient to Him. Dueteronomy 28 can be applied to our lives as we get to know our Lord. He is truly a merciful and loving God but we must know His word to be filled with Him so that we do not perish in ignorance. His blessings or wrath may come quickly or over time. But surely He is just and blesses with incredible power. However, among us there are many curses that have come because of our disobedience and the disobedience of our parents and grandparents. His word says that He removes them when we become obedient to His commandments.

Moses was 120 when He died. His eyes were not dim nor his natural vigor diminished.(Duet.34:7) He did not get to go into the land of 'milk and honey' because He failed to hallow the name of the Lord during one of the wonders that was done {Moses and Aaron took the credit}(Numbers 20:10-12). However, the Lord allowed him to see it from the mountain top. Also, out of the thousands who were supposed to enter into the promised land many were disobedient and did not follow God's commandments so God's wrath came upon them. I could not believe how they kept serving other Gods. (They died from being consumed by fire, by diseases, pestilence, the earth opening up and swallowing them and then closing, etc. These things are of the wrath of God that when He spoke it, it was done.). What is an 11 day trek took them 40 years because they continued to backslide. Which is probably a good indication of the scriptures "many are called but few are chosen" "the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few" "many are called but few will enter."

How can we not fear the Lord? All christians must humble themselves,diligently seek Him, labor in His name, follow Him and turn from all our old ways to become truly sanctified Glory to God for His perfect plan to send Jesus Christ to crush the curses if we would only walk IN Him and His ways and His will.